Margaux Tricoire

My name is Margaux, I am from Bordeaux, I speak French and English. I was 24 years old during the internship. I love watching ‘Friends’, ‘Modern Family’, and my favorite brand is le Café des Stagiaires.

Why did you choose CS as the place where you wanted to do your internship?

I wanted to be part of this amazing family! I have always admired those 3 … now, I am even more proud of them and I just realise how amazing they are!
And I would like to thank them for the great experience! I miss them, and I miss the beautiful Shanghai!

And thanks to this adventure, I met the love of my life !

Why didn t you go to a 5* hotel?

This is not a place where you learn things!
Nobody trusts you there…
Nobody pushes you to learn…

Where would you like to be in ten years time?

I would like to have my own restaurants.

What is the one thing you could never give up and why?

Robin Stucky

What scares you most in life?

Getting Fat

If the world was ending tomorrow what would be the last thing you would do and why?

Bar Rouge with all the interns

What’s your greatest memory from your time in CS and Shanghai?

So many… my first night with the crew, I got lost in Shanghai, no addresses, no phone… I was walking on the streets from 4am to 8am.

What advice would you give to a new intern fresh off the boat in SH?

Ben is always right !

A good thing about China?

The kindness of Chinese people

What was your favorite place in Shanghai?

Swimming pool on Ju lu lu.

3 words to describe the City of Shanghai

Alive, Noisy, Living!

3 words to describe your internship

Unforgettable, Intense, Inspiring!