Julie Morel

I’m 18 years old. I’m French but I live in Monaco. Besides French, I speak fluent English. I also have a good level in Italian and I have started to acquire good knowledge in Mandarin.  I will be working at « Le Café des Stagiaires » from June 12 to July 9, 2013. I’m part of the Rugby and Cheerleading team at SciencesPo Paris Campus Euro-Asia. I like hanging out with my friends, listening to music such as Bakermatt or C2C, running, traveling, watching American series…

So, why not become a Rocket Scientist or an Accountant?

I could not become an accountant as there are already three in the family (my parents and my sister) and I personally think that’s enough. Concerning rocket scientist, I have to admit that math is not my thing.

 Why did you choose CS as the place where you wanted to do your internship?

I have chosen « Café des Stagiaires » as the place where I wanted to do my internship as I heard from my friends living in Shanghai that it is one of the best bars they have been to and that it would be a great opportunity working there. I checked on the Internet and realized how awesome it would be doing my internship there through pictures, testimonies and even videos from the interns. I also wanted to see by myself how original the decoration is as I heard the toilets are covered with CVs. As a future intern, I had to see that!

Why didn’t you go to a 5* hotel?

I have already been in a 5* hotel as a customer but I didn’t want to do my internship in one of those as it doesn’t fit my personality or my idea of my internship in Shanghai.

Where would you like to be in ten years?

In ten years? I do not even know where I will be in two years! I do not live in the past and even less in the future. I am going step by step as I firstly want to succeed every single day of my life and then I will see where my current decisions and acts have led me in ten years time.

If you could eat and drink only one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

If I could eat only one thing for the rest of my life it would be cheese as I guess I’m a bit too French to live without eating cheese. I personally think that a day without eating cheese is not worth it. Concerning drinks, I would choose « tea » as I am already drinking five cups a day.

What is the one thing you could never give up and why?

I could never give up living by the seaside, as I love swimming even if the water is cold as in Le Havre. I won’t be able to live in a city where I can’t walk by the seaside and lie there, just thinking how wonderful it is. There is this feeling of freedom as you cannot see where the world is ending…. and I should stop being so philosophical!

What scares you most in life?

Spiders scare me most in life as they always stare at me and they are hairy.

In which country would you like to live ?

I have travelled a lot since youngest age. I went to many marvelous countries such as China, the United States, England, Tunisia, Canada, Sweden, Italy, and Spain… After one year studying abroad, I realize that all these travels count in my memories but my favorite place in my heart is home, as I always will be filled with joy back home.

What is your favorite quotation?

“People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be.“ By Abraham Lincoln

Do you think you can bring something new to the CS concept?

I think it will be too far fetched to say that I will bring something new to the Stagiaires concept in only one month. What I have seen so far on websites is that the concept already works really well. I will bring my happiness, my cheerfulness and my energy while trying to do my best in my job.

What do you expect to learn during your internship?

Working at « Café des Stagiaires » will be my first internship in a bar. I have never worked in this sector but as I am open-minded and thrilled of new experiences I think i can learn a lot from my stay in Shanghai. I hope to learn both on the professional level but also on the social one as I will have to work with a team and to interact with customers.

If the world was ending tomorrow what would be the last thing you would do and why?

If the world was about to end tomorrow, I would just want to enjoy the time I have left with the people I care most rather than thinking how sad is that. I will spend the day with my family and the night with my friends. I would choose 50 crazy things to do with my friends and we would have fun doing that, without being bothered the consequences of our acts.

How did you imagine China, Shanghai?

I have already been to China once with my family. We did the typical tourist trip from Beijing to Shanghai, visiting China’s countryside as well. I didn’t know much of this country before going there but after one month my passion for Asia started to grow little by little and that’s why I’m a current student on an Asian campus in France. During my family trip, I stayed four days in Shanghai but it was mainly to visit the World Expo and not the city in itself. I heard many things concerning Shanghai nightlife and i would like to compare how I imagine it to what it is in reality.