Emma Moortgat

My name is Emma. I was 18 years old when I came to the Café des Stagiaires. I’m from Belgium, I grew up speaking French and Dutch and I speak English correctly.
I worked one month for le Café des Stagiaires, it was waaay too short! 😉
During my spare time I love to go for a run, do some shopping, listen to music, hang out with friends.

So, why not become a Rocket Scientist or an Accountant?

Way too boring. Being a bartender is all about entertaining yourself and the people around you. It’s about coming up with new and creative ideas for your bar, and improving those you already have.

Why did you choose CS as the place where you wanted to do your internship?

Because they sell the best beers in the world!

Why didn t you go to a 5* hotel?

You’d take yourself too seriously. Everyday is the same routine and once you get how it works, it’s not challenging anymore.

Where would you like to be in ten years time?

In New York at le Café des Stagiaires number 15.

What is the one thing you could never give up and why?

Trying. I could never give up trying. No pain, no gain.

What scares you most in life?

Being forced to eat spiders or swim naked with sharks.

What is your favorite quote?

Doing what you like is freedom – Liking what you do is happiness.

Do you think you can bring something new to the CS concept?

Of course, everyone can :-).

What do you expect to learn during your internship?

Receiving more and more independency, learn to open your eyes and see what’s missing, what must be done better, and of course, learning to work as a team!

What’s your greatest memory from your time in CS and Shanghai?

Probably one of my first nights working behind the bar, it was Bastien’s (one of the fellow stagiaires) birthday, and the whole crew was there to celebrate it, and everything was new to me, I had to serve shots and introduce myself to the other stagiaires at the same time, they were making fun of my ‘belgian accent’, haha I was totally confused that night, but the atmosphere was like ‘woow welcome to the family of the stagiaires.’

What advice would you give to a new intern fresh off the boat in SH?

Just go with the flow, it takes a bit time to adapt you to the Chinese lifestyle and le Café des Stagiaires work style, but once you’re on board, it’s great fun!

What ‘s the one thing you should definitely not come to SH without?

A camera, I love to capture moments.

A good thing about China?

Oh it’s so clean, you’ll see!

What is your favorite Chinese dish?

Dumplings are very good

Did you learn a word in mandarin?


3 words to describe the City of Shanghai

SKY IS the LIMIT (everything is possible there, lots of ambitious people. Even literally, you’ve never seen so many high buildings in one city)

3 words to describe your internship